Taste the Art.

Our Bistro Restaurant in Florence

The Kitchen of Dimora Palanca, in our bistro restaurant in Florence, expresses a new experience of taste and refinement, a combination of Italian traditions with the Tuscan accent that explores international tastes with contemporary elements.

The quality and freshness of the raw materials carefully chosen by our "La Brigata Palanca" guarantee new flavours to the dishes that will glorify your senses.

There is no shortage of small daily satisfactions: freshly baked bread in the morning, a new biscuit just made, a new dessert at the end of a meal and, finally, delicious pastries for the good night.

Our team creates everything you find here from scratch.

Our bread, our pizzas, our biscuits, our cakes, our jams: here is to you a Good Morning from Dimora Palanca and our bistro restaurant in Florence.

The Atmosphere

The dining room is designed to convey intimacy and romance down to the most accurate details. An elegant place that transmits pleasant sensations, it’s exposure with a view of the internal garden, enhance its brightness.

Our Kitchen uses seasonal raw materials and ingredients from rigorously selected short food supply chain and tops it off with a combination of a meticulous selection of Italian wines with a privileged eye at the Tuscan territory.

Finally, we boast the presence of our organic garden for us to grow natural products without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, to be environmental friendly, sustainable and to bring healthy vegetables to the table.

Vegetarian and vegan menus also vary, following the rhythms of nature, with dishes created to enhance the flavours that every season has to offer invoking the taste of regional memory.

The Brigade

The Palanca Brigade prefers to prepare dishes with local and seasonal products. This allows us to work mainly with local suppliers who guarantee the quality, variety and freshness of their products.

Kitchen combines with creativity, so do not be surprised if, from time to time, you will find dishes in the menu made with ingredients that come from afar to offer you a moment of pure escape.

The continuous search for new combinations, reinterpretations of recipes and the use of innovative cooking techniques aim at respecting the products used and exalting the flavours of the cuisine of our bistro restaurant in Florence.