Authentic and
Unique Experiences:

Experiencing Florence in a very exclusive way is possible at Dimora Palanca. Many experiences await you during your stay: wine tasting with a private sommelier, an adventurous truffle hunt, a romantic date at high-altitude, or an exciting drive through the Tuscan countryside in a red Ferrari.

The attention and love for art, evoked by Dimora Palanca, flows into the activities offered, the experiences and initiatives that will accompany you in your discovery of this incredible city. 

Every space in the hotel invites its guests to immerse themselves in artistic activities and encourages visitors to build a deep cultural bond with the city. In addition to these experiences, the hotel offers a concierge service tailored to you.

Chianti Wine Tour and Wine & Oil Tasting

Wine is a mix of art, science, passion, hard work, tradition and instinct. Enjoy a guided visit of vineyards and cellars, a personal meet & greet with wine producers, walkthrough beautiful vineyards and taste wines and typical products of the region. You will receive an introduction on each of the wines you will taste, as well as some suggestions on how to savour wine and understand its qualities. The wines will be accompanied by typical local products of the area such as cheese, bread, olive oil and cold cuts.

Chianti is one of the most prestigious wine areas in Italy, stretching from Florence to Siena. Walk through the gentle hills covered by vines, alternating with patches of woods, olive trees and avenues with cypress trees that lead to ancient farms.

The olive tree, together with the vine, serves as the most typical feature of the Tuscan landscape. You will learn how to taste extra virgin olive oil through a sensory experience that will involve sight, smell and of course taste. The tasting will be accompanied by typical foods produced by local farms.

Artisanal & Craft Shops

Tuscany is a region with a long and rich artisanal tradition, offering typical quality products. Florence is art, culture, history and tradition. It is in the lesser-known places, among the shelves of old shops or in the small rituals of city life, that the most significant and surprising treasures are often hidden. Far off the beaten path you can appreciate the authentic traditional spirit, where popular customs and traditions remain unchanged over time.

Discover the creations of local artisans: jewellers, designers, shoemakers, silk makers and perfumers. The crafting of Florentine mosaics, the creation of fine silk fabrics, bookbinding workshops, the working of Florentine leather, and much more, awaits you in the unique craft shops of Florence.

Hot Air Balloon

Experience the magic of a hot air balloon over Tuscany: a bird's eye view of vineyards, olive groves and ancient villages. There's nothing like flying in a hot air balloon near Florence and over the Chianti hills!

After landing you will be served a Prosecco breakfast with local products, renowned Pecorino cheeses from the “Corzano e Paterno” Farm, including a light olive oil tasting with Tuscan bread, the genuine taste of Tuscany. Your wonderful morning tour will conclude with a trip back to the launch site in the assistance vehicle.

Vespa/500 Fiat Vintage

The collective imagery of the Tuscan landscape evokes the gentleness of the hills, with the silver expanses of olive trees and narrow cypresses bordering the road. The essence of the experience consists in getting lost among the hilly roads on a Vespa or in Fiat 500 Vintage, and then finding yourself in unexpected places. The scents of the countryside and the silence of unspoiled nature will be your traveling companions, in a perfect setting where the famous vehicle, with a slightly retro feel, will merge harmoniously with the landscape.

Private Driver & Luxury Rental Car

For the duration of your stay, a private driver will be at your complete disposal to assist you in reaching your favorite destinations. The service is also available for transfers to and from airports, ports and railway stations.

For those who prefer the excitement of driving a luxury sports car, this unforgettable experience allows you to enjoy a unique journey aboard some of the most prestigious Italian luxury cars, including Ferrari and Lamborghini, indisputable symbols of Made in Italy around the world.

The Vasari Corridor

Enjoy a quiet and exclusive private visit to the evocative Vasari Corridor accompanied by an expert guide. Wanted by the Grand Duke Cosimo I de' Medici and built by Giorgio Vasari, the Uffizi architect who carried out the work in just five months, this extraordinary path connects the Palazzo Vecchio with the inside of the Uffizi Gallery, and then reaches the Palazzo Pitti, ending inside the Boboli Gardens. The route, in addition to hosting paintings from the sixth and eighteenth centuries and part of the famous collection of self-portraits by renowned artists, also represents an exceptional architectural work.

Guided Tours & Walking Tour

There are so many things to see and do in Florence that anyone who visits it for the first time is unable to decide what to see. Museums, monuments and works of art, squares, bridges and characteristic streets, craft shops and local markets. Discover the city, accompanied by an authorized professional guide, traveling off the beaten path and enjoying exclusive guided tours. Let yourself be guided through the lesser-known city and inside museums with privileged access, to discover the authentic side of Florence. Visits and tours can be organized according to your preferences and, on request, private visits can also be organized, focusing on specific itineraries.

Personal Shopper

Enter the most famous Italian haute couture boutiques and discover the latest collections by appointment and in absolute tranquility. Let us advise you on the style and the latest fashion trends with our personal shopper service, designed to guarantee an unforgettable experience for fashion lovers and those who enjoy the finer things, with a visit to main shops, designer boutiques and personalized recommendations.


There are excellent golf and tennis courses for enthusiasts in close vicinity, where you can take lessons from qualified instructors and test your skills on the course.

Truffle Hunt

Truffle hunting in Tuscany is a long-standing practice. The inviting Tuscan hills hide treasures of an unmistakable flavor. Truffle hunting is an exciting activity that consists in the search for truffles with expert truffle connoisseurs and their trained dogs. It is a unique experience you can enjoy as you stroll through the woods. Once you return from your outdoor excursion, you will be able to enjoy an exquisite truffle meal.

Bike Tours

The variety and beauty of the views renders Tuscany one of the regions most appreciated by cyclists around the world. There are trails and routes for everyone: you can cycle between the great artistic cities and the small perched medieval villages.

After a ride that is sure to please the eyes, a traditional picnic with typical products and Tuscan wine is a must-have to end the day.

Carrara Marble Tour

In Carrara the famous marble is not extracted, rather, as the workers themselves say, it is “cultivated”. Tuscany is the largest producer of marble in the world and the city of Carrara is the most renowned for its internationally famous white marble. You will discover a different and fascinating world, made of effort and genius, ancient sweat and modern technology. The world of marble is not only the extraction or processing of a stone, it’s also the history of a territory and its people, forever synonymous with said marble. It’s about quarries, techniques and history, sure... but also about the thousand-year-old villages of quarry-men, their customs, their language, food and daily life.

Horseback riding

Discovering Tuscany by horse is an experience that everyone should have at least once in their lifetime. Finding the right rhythm in tune with the horse, breathing in deep the clean air of the countryside, galloping through the hills.

Create Your Own Fragrance

On the left bank of the Arno, in an ancient palace, Lorenzo Villoresi, the most famous perfumer in Europe, holds his workshop, an enchanted place suspended over the river. With patience and attention, the master perfumer will inquire about what you wish to feel when you wear your perfume, and he will translate it into an absolutely unique fragrance, which will fit you like a tailored suit.

With the help of our master perfumers, you will create your personal perfume, containing the fragrances you love most. Flowers, resins, citrus notes, spices and aromatic woods; these are just some of the notes you can choose to customize your fragrance with. At the end of this incredible sensory experience, you can take your customized perfume home. 

Helicopter Tour

Taking a helicopter ride is an unconventional and unforgettable way to experience Tuscany. A helicopter flight is a unique experience that will remain forever engrained in your memory. The tours are designed to offer the best possible experience, flying over the vineyards of the Tuscan countryside, followed by a visit to the cellar and a tasting of the best wines. Discover this unique opportunity to enjoy the most beautiful views and the most iconic places from high above. It will be an adrenaline filled day, full of wonderful emotions.